Bollywood movie producers have gone Mad says: Hamza Ali Abbasi


Entertainer turned extremist Hamza Ali Abbasi says Bollywood movie producers have gone ‘mad’ continue to portray Pakistanis as terrorists in their films.

“Indians have been lived in a bogus reality,” Abbasi commented.

He proceeded to say that motion pictures regarding Pakistan are made on created story lines and don’t feature the positive side of the nation. He said these movies are placing Indians in a preposterous state.

We have to make content that features the genuine picture of Pakistan to the world, Abbasi encouraged. “It is our obligation to demonstrate reality.”

Alluding to India’s choice to renounce the extraordinary self-governing status for Indian-regulated Kashmir, Abbasi said Narendra Modi’s “screw up” has given Pakistanis the high ground to open India to the world.

“Modi’s legislature made an exceptional stride, which the world concedes is an infringement,” he included.

He said Pakistan is gaining ground, as the United Nations talked about the Kashmir issue just because after 1970. “These are gradual steps,” he stated, adding that we have to remain quiet.

Abbasi said he is glad to see the media brotherhood raise their voice over the Kashmir issue. “The vast majority of the famous people have discussed the Kashmir circumstance and we have to urge others to make some noise,” he said.


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