CAA places ban on carrying naswar in flights

The Civil Aviation Authority has declared carrying naswar during travel in planes a punishable offense.

According to a notification of the CAA, all the airports in the country have been alerted about the ban on carrying naswar.

The notification says all Arab countries have listed naswar on the list of narcotics. It said strict action will be taken against passengers if naswar was found in their luggage.

The price of tobacco and other items has gone up recently but naswar’s rates have stayed the same for two years. This is because it is unregulated and doesn’t fall in the tax net.

Naswar is made from tobacco leaves, calcium oxide and wood ash and it’s addictive. Many people become addicted when they’re teenagers.

A pinch of naswar is stored under the tongue, lower lip or in the cheek for extended periods of time. Some people even sniff it.

In March 2019, Pakistan’s inflation rate touched a five-year high of 9.41% and tobacco products went up by 12%. A lot of people switched to naswar as a result.


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