newsdailySeptember 19, 2019


The own family of a pupil from a dental college, whose body was found in a larkana hostel days ago, has rejected the post-mortem report and demanded that the government shape a special committee to investigate her death. The autopsy file said that no marks were observed on namrita’s skin. However, her brother said that there had been wounds on both her palms and proper leg.

Namrita’s brother vishal said that he had an x-ray document of namrita and a black shade on her neck was also seen when he noticed her frame.“we are not happy we want special committee need to be formed. Because we want justice.”

the police have arrested magnificence fellows of namrita in connection with her homicide. The sindh authorities has written a letter to periods decide larkana for a judicial inquiry into her dying. The provincial authorities requested the decide to complete the probe within 30 days.

Protests erupted in various regions of sindh, including karachi, after namrita’s mysterious loss of life. All organizations and stores remained closed on wednesday in mirpur mathelo. People held a rally in larkana to protest her loss of life.

newsdailySeptember 11, 2019


The Pakistan International Airlines has begun non-stop flights among Sialkot and London, affirmed an official statement of the airline. According to the timetable issued by the PIA,

Flight number PK-777 will leave at 10:15 am from Sialkot each Tuesday and will touch base at Heathrow Airport London at 2:50 pm PST.Flight number PK-778 will withdraw from Heathrow at 6:25 pm on Tuesday and land at the Sialkot International Airport at 6:25 am Wednesday (following day).

The primary trip of PK-778 took 107 travelers and touched base in Sialkot Wednesday morning.The step has been taken to help Pakistan’s travel industry, as per the aircraft.

newsdailySeptember 9, 2019


A great many grievers accumulated at various areas Monday morning to take part in the Muharram 9 parades to pay tribute to Imam Hussain (AS) and his adherents who relinquished their lives for Islam at Karbala 1,400 years back.

Expert sharpshooters are situated on housetops and around 300 paths associating with Karachi’s fundamental MA Jinnah Road have been fixed with transportation compartments. The developments of the parades will be checked on CCTV cameras as well.

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In Karachi, the principle parade will begin from Nishtar Park toward the evening. It will come full circle at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah in Kharadar by means of the accompanying course: Nishtar Park, Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Road, Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan, MA Jinnah Road, Mansfield Street, Preedy Street, back to MA Jinnah Road, Bolton Market, Bombay Bazaar, Kharadar, Nawab Mahabat Khanjee Road and Hussanian Iranian Imambargah.

Sindh home division has composed a letter to the inside service requesting that it square cell phone benefits along the parade courses on Muharram 9 and 10. Cell administrations are required to be suspects in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpur Khas, and Larkana.

More than 7,000 cops have been conveyed crosswise over Sindh to keep up lawfulness during the parades. More than 10,000 police officers have been conveyed in Karachi, 19,496 in Hyderabad and 17,042 in Larkana.

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The fundamental parade in Lahore will leave from Nisar Haveli, Mochi Gate. It will go through Mohalla Chehl Bibian, Imambargah Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Sunehri Masjid, Dabbi Bazaar, Tehsil Bazaar, Ucchi Masjid, Bhatti Chowk, and afterward come full circle at the Karbala Gamay Shah.

In Islamabad, the greatest grieving parade will leave from Markazi Imambargah Asna Ashri, in Sector G-6/2, and go through various imambargahs and come full circle where is begun from. More than 10,000 police officers have been conveyed to guarantee the security of various parades.

newsdailySeptember 6, 2019


Pakistan saw on Friday the 54th Defense and Martyrs Day the nation over.

The day is set apart to pay tribute to the country’s martyrs and remember the date of the 1965 war. The day started with a 31-firearm salute in Islamabad and 21-weapon salutes in the common capitals.

Change of guard ceremonies were held at Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum in Karachi, Allama Iqbal’s Mausoleum in Lahore and GHQ in Rawalpindi.

Air Vice Marshal Hamid Rashid was the visitor of respect at the service in Karachi.

In Rawalpindi the difference in watchman was seen by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa. He additionally visited the saints’ landmark and laid a wreath of blossoms at it.

Head administrator Imran Khan will address a function in Muzaffarabad. Government workplaces the nation over will close at 3pm today.

During a public interview on Wednesday, the ISPR boss solicited individuals to visit the homes from saints on Defense Day to demonstrate their families that the country is with them.

General Bajwa tended to an occasion at GHQ in Rawalpindi where he said when he is asked how the Pakistan Army figures out how to do things that no other armed force can do, he has one straightforward answer. “For whatever length of time that we have guardians like you, who bring forth such courageous children, nobody can contact us and this is our actual quality,” he said. Pakistan’s adventure has been overflowing with penances by our saints, from 1947 till today and we salute them, he said. He likewise saluted the guardians, spouses, kin and offspring of these saints and said their penances are recollected. “Our saints’ penances have not gone futile, nor will they,” he promised.

It has been a long battle against fear based oppression yet our officials and jawans have remained firm, said General Bajwa. They yielded their fates for our today and as a result of them, there is harmony in Pakistan, he stated, just as the entire world.

Pakistan has done its part, presently it is up to the remainder of the world to annihilate psychological warfare, he said. We should guarantee that our future ages have a tranquil future, he stated, including that a quiet Pakistan is our objective.

We have battled psychological warfare and now we should battle destitution, lack of education and monetary issues with the goal that our saints penances aren’t squandered, encouraged General Bajwa.

Talking about Kashmir, he said the individuals of Pakistan sympathize with their agony and remain with the individuals of Kashmir. They are the casualties of a Hindutva attitude and are giving up their lives, he said. This our test, he said. Tending to Kashmiris, he said Pakistan will never relinquish them. Our hearts our together and you resemble our jugular vein, he said.

We are a serene nation and we need harmony in Kashmir, said the military head, adding that Pakistan is prepared to make penances for that harmony. “Till the last projectile, last warrior and final gasp,” he said. “We will go to any lengths for Kashmir.”

The billows of war are above us however we see the way of harmony too, he stated, including that Pakistan has constantly gone after for a quiet goals to issues. We will keep on doing as such, he included. Pakistan has consistently pushed for an Afghan-drove and Afghan-claimed harmony process, he said.

In an endnote, the military boss saluted the groups of saints and said their penances are the reason the individuals of Pakistan can inhale uninhibitedly today. There is no cost on your penance and no cost for the blood spilled however today the entire country salutes you, he said.

Your understanding and your penances have helped construct our nation and we will always remember that, said General Bajwa. He asked individuals to go to each saint’s home and wish their families well. We have never avoided making penances for our nation, he said.

newsdailyJuly 4, 2019


After a single extension, the PTI government’s second amnesty scheme came to an end July 3 and with it the chance to declare any previously undeclared assets.

The FBR has shut its online portal and FBR Chairperson Shabbar Zaidi says they have the detail information of 110,000 individuals who have utilized the plan. He accepts this number will contact 135,000 on the grounds that the instances of 25,000 individuals are as yet pending.

A year ago, 84,000 individuals benefited the pardon conspire and the legislature picked up Rs124 billion in income. Up until now, the FBR has gathered Rs70 billion in charges from individuals benefiting the current year’s plan.

FBR authorities additionally state the quantity of government form filers have expanded. In 2017-18 1,733,000 individuals documented their government forms and this year that has expanded by 267,000 to cross the two million imprint.

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The administration presented the pardon conspire on the grounds that it needed to archive the economy and urge more individuals to cover regulatory expenses. It additionally needs more individuals to record their expense forms, which is a piece of archiving the economy. It presented the plan notwithstanding the way that the IMF said it wasn’t a fan.

Pakistan went into a three-year program with the IMF and has been making changes to its strategies (like assessment frameworks) to meet the IMF’s conditions. In any case, the PTI government presented the acquittal plot in any case and encouraged Pakistanis to profit it.

The FBR has just started making a move against benami (without a name) resources in the nation. The punishment for owning benami resources is a limit of seven years in prison and a robust fine.

newsdailyJuly 2, 2019


The Civil Aviation Authority has declared carrying naswar during travel in planes a punishable offense.

According to a notification of the CAA, all the airports in the country have been alerted about the ban on carrying naswar.

The notification says all Arab countries have listed naswar on the list of narcotics. It said strict action will be taken against passengers if naswar was found in their luggage.

The price of tobacco and other items has gone up recently but naswar’s rates have stayed the same for two years. This is because it is unregulated and doesn’t fall in the tax net.

Naswar is made from tobacco leaves, calcium oxide and wood ash and it’s addictive. Many people become addicted when they’re teenagers.

A pinch of naswar is stored under the tongue, lower lip or in the cheek for extended periods of time. Some people even sniff it.

In March 2019, Pakistan’s inflation rate touched a five-year high of 9.41% and tobacco products went up by 12%. A lot of people switched to naswar as a result.

newsdailyJune 28, 2019


Leader Imran Khan encouraged on Thursday the majority to assume their job in guiding the nation out of outside obligations, the Radio Pakistan announced.

The leader was talking on PTV’s extraordinary transmission on the administration’s advantage revelation conspire through video conferencing.

He said that in pioneer times, individuals would not believe the administration with making good on government obligations. “At the point when Pakistan appeared, individuals acquired this mindset.”

PM Khan said that in cutting edge nations, the cash gathered through charges is spent on the welfare of individuals, which is the reason the open trusts the administration.

“We need to give this certainty to individuals in Pakistan as well, with the goal that they enthusiastically make good on their due regulatory expenses,” he said.

The leader said the general population did not have confidence in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as they figure their assessment cash will be squandered. He lamented that the assessment culture couldn’t thrive during the rule of previous governments.

PM Khan said Pakistan today remained at intersection. “It implies if individuals don’t make good on their regulatory expenses, the nation can’t push ahead,” he said.

The executive said Pakistanis have the ability to pay Rs8,000 billion in duties yearly. He said the general population of Pakistan were liberal as they would pay billions of rupees in philanthropy and zakat consistently.

“They can assume their job to remove the nation from an obligation trap,” PM Khan said.

Answering to an inquiry, he said a program would be acquired the following 48 hours to encourage the people, who benefited the reprieve plot in the due date.

After the monetary allowance is passed, PM Khan stated, he would sit with FBR boss Shabbar Zaidi to purify the expense gathering office of degenerate people. Data innovation will be utilized in expense gathering to limit the human job.

He said a system will be developed to give expense discounts to the business network so as to encourage them. “The business network will be given a full scale help so as to empower them to profit and make good on regulatory obligations to the administration.”

Khan further said his legislature would enable financial specialists to make riches so as to build business open doors for the adolescent. He by and by guaranteed that no assessment expert would disturb the people who moved toward becoming filers.

Censuring debasement for the financial burdens of the nation, the head administrator said that no nation on the planet could advance and thrive if its decision tip top were exploitative. He said debasement prompts swelling and joblessness.

Few citizens couldn’t lift the weight of 220 million individuals, he demanded, portraying hindered development, lack of education and destitution as the primary explanations behind lower charge gathering by the administration.

He again encouraged individuals to change their outlook and think about the welfare of their individual compatriots. He didn’t utter a word was inconceivable on the planet and the country would leave the monetary emergency.

aliMay 31, 2019


Finance Department Punjab has prescribed 10% ascent in pay and pension of government representatives in the up and coming (2019-20) budget.

Further subtleties recommend that Finance Department Punjab has looked for endorsement from Chief Minister Usman Buzdar over the proposition.

The money division sources have uncovered that Rs530 billion will be spent on pay rates and benefits of government workers for the following monetary year. Out of the absolute aggregate, Rs320 billion will be paid as slaries and Rs210 billion as pensions.

It has been informed that just 10 percent expansion in motivators is conceivable because of the money related circumstance of the region. The last endorsement will be given by the bureau.

newsdailyMay 10, 2019


KARACHI (92 News) – The Karachi heat wave will continue on Saturday as mercury likely to cross 32 °C again.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) warned the citizens that the mercury is likely to touch 43 degree Celsius.Weather conditions are due to the change in the wind direction as well as the sea breeze coming to a standstill.

Mainly hot and dry weather is expected in most parts of the country in next 24 hours. Meanwhile, the sea winds have been closed and the weather became more dry and hot.

The low pressure in the Arabian Sea hampers routine sea breeze to the city during the heat wave and hot and dry winds could blow from north and northwest, the heat wave warning centre said.

Sindh Govt establishes 115 heatstroke centers

Sindh Government has established one hundred fifteen heatstroke centers in all parts of Karachi to facilitate the people.

Heat emergency have been declared in all thirteen hospitals of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation while staff of these hospitals have been put on alert to cope with situation.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has forecast heat wave in the city from tomorrow because of sea breeze. The PMD had issued an alert for Karachi, stating that during the first three days of May, maximum temperatures during the day will range from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius as the sea breeze halts.

“Winds flow will be from North/Northwest during daytime. Authorities and all stakeholders are requested to take precautionary measures and keep themselves abreast for update from Met Office,” it said in a statement.

newsdailyMay 10, 2019


LAHORE (92 News) – Young doctors continued their protest for third day across Punjab on Saturday.

The Young Doctors Association (YDA) said it won’t allow the government to privatise government hospitals and vowed to continue strike until their demands are not met.

The protesting doctors forcefully closed the OPDs of Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar and forced the doctors performing their duties to go out of the wards to take part in the protest.

The doctors also took out a rally and threatened to close all health services, including emergency wards, if any action is taken against the protesting doctors.

Earlier, Police had arrested many protesting nurses after baton charge near Sindh Chief Minister’s House in outside the Press Club in Karachi.

The Press Club chowk had turned into war zone after the clash between nurses and security forces in the metropolis. However, the police arrested many nurses and staff after the baton charge. The officers also manhandled the protesters and arrested some of them.

Patients suffer as doctors go on strike in Punjab, KP

Young Doctors Association staged protest across the Punjab against possible privatization of government hospitals. The workers of Pakistan Medical Association and para-medical staff were also among the protesters.

Patients suffered at the out-patient departments (OPDs) of all government-run hospitals in Punjab. Paramedical staff and nurses shut down the OPDs of public hospitals in all major cities, including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha, and Faisalabad, to protest the proposed privatisation of the hospitals.

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