newsdailyOctober 31, 2019


Forty-six individuals were killed early Thursday morning as the Tezgam Express burst into flames near Rahim Yar Khan, as per the Deputy Commissioner Jamil Ahmed Jamil.

The fire spread to 3 bogies of the moving train. It was going to Rawalpindi from Karachi and was close to the Tanwari Railway Station when the fire ejected.

More than 40 individuals were harmed in the fire, confirmed the official. The official said there were 207 individuals in the three bogies and a sum of 933 individuals on the train. Two economy class and one business class bogies were wrecked in the fire, as indicated by the Railways DCO, who said there were 77 individuals in a single economy bogey and 76 in the other. There were 54 travelers in the business class bogey.

The two economy class bogies had been reserved by a man named Ameer Hassan and the vast majority of the travelers were from Hyderabad.

Rescue officials say the fire was caused by a cylinder exploding in the train. According to witnesses, members of the Tableeghi Jamaat were on the train and had brought a gas cylinder to cook food. They were preparing breakfast when it exploded.

Government Railway Minister Sheik Rasheed disclosed to SAMAA TV that activities on the two tracks have been suspended.

The individuals harmed in the mishap have been taken to a close by emergency clinic. Prime Minister Imran Khan has requested that they be given first class medical consideration.

Rasheed disclosed to SAMAA TV that the fire broke out at 6:30am. There were two coaches booked by the Tableeghi Jamaat, he stated, including that they had carried two cylinders with them and stoves to prepare food. One cylinder exploded, setting off the subsequent one , said the minister. Their two coaches and a business class coach burst into flames, he stated, affirming “somewhere in the range of 40 and 50 deaths”. We have approached the army for help and they have shown up on the grounds that we have no private ambulances to take them to the emergency clinic, he said. “There are no burns wards there, nor are there any in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.”

The minister said the Railways division has checking machines at just seven stations, defending that they cost hundreds of thousands and his ministry can’t afford more. It was a mishap and we will have to take notice to things like this, he said.

Even food being given on the train, people bring their own things and sometimes bring stoves, he said . We will be progressively strict, he said. Be that as it may, when inquired as to why these precautions are being taken after the deaths of very nearly 50 individuals, he stated, “It’s our error and their’s as well”.

The solution is that we either close the 519 small stations crosswise over Pakistan or accomplish something different, he said. But when he was told that would be detrimental for the people, he said “Passengers always try to sneak stuff on the trains”. He acknowledged that it was their duty to prevent individuals from bringing perilous things however called it “irresponsibility” not failure. He promised that they will take action however would not determine what.

“People don’t fear the law, try to understand,” he said. He additionally said that when there is a limit of 100 individuals, more than 120 individuals will come. What would we be able to do, he inquired.

Col Khawar MunirOctober 28, 2019


Written by: Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara e Imtiaz (Military)

A fairy will come, wag her magic wand, Cinderella will be dressed and transformed into a beautiful stunning princess. She will ride the elegant carriage pulled by majestic white horses and reach the palace to attend the dinner hoisted by the prince charming. Everyone will be stunned to see the beauty never seen before. Prince charming will fell in love in a wink of an eye. Time will fly by. Suddenly, Cinderella will see the clock nearing twelve at midnight. She will run in hurry to reach her home in time before the magic spell will be over. In the process, she will lose a shoe. Prince charming will get hold of it and send out his men to find the owner. They will find Cinderella and there after she will marry the prince charming and live happily.

Ah! My dream is over. Probably not.

Or, I am still living in an illusion. May be.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack. He would not work. Jack was a young, poor boy who lived with his widowed mother and a cow in a small cottage. The cow’s milk was the only source of income.  When the cow’s milk dried out, she told Jack to sell the cow. On his way to market, Jack met a bean dealer who offered him magic beans in exchange for the cow. Jack made the trade. When he arrived home without any money, his mother got angry, threw the beans out of the window, and sent Jack to bed without dinner.

During the night, the magic beans grew into a humongous beanstalk  outside Jack’s window. The next morning, Jack climbed the beanstalk to a land high in the sky. He saw a castle and sneaked in. When owner of the castle, a giant, returned, smelled a human being. He called out,

I smell the blood of an Englishman:
Be he alive, or be he dead,
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.”

The gentle wife of the giant saved Jack by hiding him because of him being poor. When the giant fell asleep, Jack stole a bag of gold coins and escaped by climbing down the beanstalk.

Jack climbed the beanstalk twice more. He learnt more about the treasures and stole those too, one of them the goose that laid the golden eggs. The stolen magic harp woke up the giant. Jack hurried down the beanstalk and with the help of his mother cut down the beanstalk due to which the giant fell down to the ground and died.

Jack and his mother lived happily there after with the riches that Jack acquired.

I am once again reminded of Little Tom Thumb. His father had desired a son even he was no bigger than a thumb. Tom was born just after three months of conception.The “Queene of Fayres” gifted Tom with an oak leaf hat, a shirt of cobweb, a doublet of thistledown, stockings of apple rind, and shoes of mouse’s skin.

Tom would cheat at games with other boys so they disassociated themselves. Tom would retaliate with different magic tricks to cause trouble. Many uncalled for happenings occurred with Tom. Once he fell down in the pudding, once a cow swallowed him and could only be retrieved by giving laxative to the cow. He was pulled out of the dung of the cow. After a lot of happenings, Tom manages to become a favorite at King Arthur’s Royal Court especially among the ladies. For some reason Tom was imprisoned in a mouse trap till King Arthur forgave him.
His tomb stone read:
“Here lies Tom Thumb, King Arthur’s knight,
Who died by a spider’s cruel bite.
He was well known in Arthur’s court,
Where he afforded gallant sport;
He rode at tilt and tournament,
And on a mouse a-hunting went;
Alive he fill’d the court with mirth
His death to sorrow soon gave birth.
Wipe, wipe your eyes, and shake your head
And cry, ‘Alas! Tom Thumb is dead.”

I am also reminded of a Yawning Doll. She would sing beautifully but yawn a lot. Thus the problem was that the audience would go to sleep. Still people would go to listen her for she was beautiful no matter what she said.

Now comes my hero, Jack the Giant Killer. It reminds me of a movie by the above mentioned name in1962. A simple, honest, and brave Jack. He fights against the two headed giants. He break the spells of the witches. He becomes the savior of the nation by ridding it from evil giants. Fighting with valour and tenacity. He saves the princess from the clutches of an evil giant and his accomplices . He earns the love of the princess and accolades from the king.

My illusion stays.

Ladies and gentlemen any  semblance to any characters is ‘accidental’ not ‘incidental’.

The author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management.

Col Khawar MunirOctober 24, 2019


Written by :Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

It is said that when Artillery guns open up, then it is war.

It has been repeatedly pointed out in the previous articles that India would escalate the violations on Line of Control keeping pace with the internal political situation in Pakistan. This is exactly unfolding in that direction.

Day before yesterday Indians opened up with their heavy guns in Titwal Sector. Their fire was mostly in Shahkot, Jura and Nousehri sub sectors. In these sub sectors the Indians are sitting mostly on the heights of Taya, Jaadah, Ismail di Dori, etc. Our troops are more vulnerable to the hostile fire. Despite this disadvantage, the gallant boys have always defended their posts with courage. They did it in 1948,1965 and 1971. There are graveyards of the Shaheeds along certain posts, which are a source of inspiration for our soldiers. This is no hearsay. I have the privilege to be an Artillery observer in the same sector during 1971 war. Indians could not capture an inch in this sector despite having much more fire power. In a futile effort and true to their nature of treachery the Indians tried to capture a post in April 1972. They bolted back leaving quite a few dead. Three of our soldiers, a junior commissioned officer and two jawans embraced shahadat. When their bodies were recovered after about a week and brought to Jura, blood was still dripping from their wounds and the bodies were intact and untouched . Whereas the bodies of the Indian soldiers were rotten and tore apart by the bears, leopards and other wild animals . The jungle had these wild animals in abundance in that area.

Let it be clear to the Indian Army, that they are going to meet the same fate. Pakistan Army has again proved their brilliance and they will keep doing so. Some of the misinformed people get carried away with Indian propaganda. Some of our so-called historians and tainted characters have always danced on the Indian tunes. Some of them felt proud to receive the awards presented to them for spitting venom against Pakistan and belittling their armed forces. Some of them comment on the military operation as if they are an authority, but they have no or very scanty knowledge of it. This is so unfortunate to have such characters. But! There always were Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs. Their legacy still exists and will always be their. A point to note is that all such despots had a terrible end. It must be understood that, “Yazeed tha, Hussain hai”. It will remain so till the dooms day.

Pakistan is going through  very turbulent times. This is the time to stand with the forces. This is the time to beat the evil out. It is crystal clear that who all are the well wishers of the nation and who are the people vying to destabilize and destroy the nation. They are joining hands to lay a trap for the general public. They are trying to weaken the foundation of the nation in order to fulfill their nefarious desires. They are being funded and supported by all those who had brought Pakistan almost to the brink of disaster.

It is of utmost importance to understand the dynamics of the enemy designs. It is 80 days since the Indian Army has clamped the freedom of Kashmiri people. The situation in Kashmir is deplorable. Food, medicine, telephone, education, etc is not there. Fruit trees are being cut down. Young boys are being killed. Women are being raped. Innocent people are being maimed. Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue in UNGA with force and dignity. Kashmir issue was all over on the local and foreign media. Suddenly the forces to be launched their stooge. The aftermath of this offensive is that the Kashmir issue has gone on back burner. There is a hew and cry about the political pigmies. Media is playing the morone tune of destruction and chaos. It is spreading despondency. Attention from the core issues have been diverted. It is dangerous to persist with this sort of situation. Enemy within and out side the borders is building the pressure gradually. It must be controlled with a swift and timely action. Enemy wants the Pakistan Army to get involved in the internal termoil. Such a situation must not happen at all cost. Let the Armed Forces tackle the known enemy across the borders with finace, which they have proved time and again. Let’s not get into the Mouse Trap. Let these mice be trapped and thrown in a dungeon where they actually belong to.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at

Col Khawar MunirOctober 23, 2019


Written by: Col Khawar Munir Haroon Sitara e Imtiaz (Military)

They say,” if someone slaps you on the cheek , offer your other cheek too”. Is it sanity? Another scenario. If someone slaps you, box his teeth out. Is it  insanity?

Ideology of Golkar was based on exactly the same lines as of Nazi Hitler and Fascist Benito Mussolini . Rashtria Savak Sangh (RSS) was formed on the ideology of extreme right wing Hindu extremism. Narendra Modi is the present day Hitler  supported by his extremist partners like Ajit Doval, Parbharker, Amit, etc. Present Indian government hierarchy is nothing but exact replica of Nazi Hitler and Fascist Mussolini. If this gang of scoundrels is not stopped and put back in shoes, then the world should brace for a mush bigger cataclysm, tribulation, woe, blight and affliction on the earth than the First and Second World Wars combined catastrophe.

Shah Mahmood says that ,”we will go to International Court of Justice”. He intends to bring India to the court to marshal the high-handedness committed against Pakistan by inundating areas around rivers Satluj, Bias, Chanab, etc. Strange! He wants to approach the gang of eunuchs controlled by their masters like the puppets . Why to spend millions of dollars on a case which can only be heard if Indians agree,  which they will not, for sure.

Instead, an all out effort be made to bring it to the notice of the world by investing in their media . Even our own media is not projecting the case as fervently as required. Immediate coordinated response to be generated with full force by all quarters. It should not be left alone on ISPR. The onus of responsibility lies with the Government. But, it does not obviate the social media and general intelligentsia to come forward and support the cause with full force and fervour.

Pakistan must immediately go to Geneva and to Who is Who to highlight the atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries in particular and to Muslims of India and other ethnicities by Indian Army and the RSS vagabonds. World by now should have been flooded with the pictures of palate gun victims, torture of innocent civilians , women being maimed, abductions, etc. Diplomatic offensive must be visible.

If a dog bites, you don’t bite the dog. You kill him.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University and member of visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He can be reached on Article of 22 August 2019

Col Khawar MunirOctober 8, 2019


Written by :Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

Three act play is being staged. In Pakistan the man in lead is Fazalur Rehman. Bilawal Zardari, Shahbaz Sharif, Asfand Yar Wali, are in support role. All are being supported by their minions. Nawaz Sharif, Mariam Safdar, Asif Zardari are the play back singers. Mariam Auranzeb, Sherry Rehman, etc are the chorus entertainment participants.

Concurantly, in India, the Jamiat Ulema Hind is the dancing doll of RAW. Arshad Madni, head of Jamiat Ulema Hind, met RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and assured him that he and his complete party support the terrorist RSS. He along with some other stooges declared in a press conference that Kashmir is part of India. This is no surprise. Since it’s inception in 1919, this Deobandi organization is working against the two nation theory. Arshad Madni is the torch bearer of his father Hussain Ahmed Madni. Hussain Ahmed Madni was severely reprimanded by Allama Iqbal for his negative thoughts , in one of his epic Persian stanza by the title Hussain Ahmed in his book Armaghan e Hijaz. Today, the son of the same man is once again out and spitting fire against Pakistan.

The actors of the play of discord are the same. Fazalur Rehman succeeded his father to be the king of Jamiat Ulema in Pakistan. He is forwarding the school of thought of his predecessors. His strings are being pulled from his sponsors. His actions are self explanatory. Any sane person can easily reach the conclusion. It is just not possible for him to support the Kashmir cause. In his ten years stint as head of Kashmir Committe, swindling sixty crore rupees given to him as a grant, does not ashame him. Not a single incident can be quoted where he ever raised his voice against the Indian atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries. Why? That’s the reason he has announced his date of agitation on 27 October 2019 which is observed as the ‘black day’ by the Kashmiries. He is hell bent to divert the attention from Kashmir. Whose agenda is he forwarding? Confront him to provide all evidence of funding. He must be asked to declare his source of income. He has to be pushed on the back foot.

He is being supported by the successors of “Udher tum idhar hum”, ‘Sarhadi Gandhi’ who was buried in Afghanistan as per his will, ‘Balochistan Gandhi’, and foster son of so-called ‘Ameer ul Momineen’ who perished in an air crash. The ex RAW Chief and present Indian National Security Chief, Ajit Dowal, is on record saying that a lot of money has been invested on Nawaz Sharif. How can they leave their asset high and dry?

There is a word of caution for the government. Do not let the stooges dance around. Do not lower your gaurd. Indian escalation on our Eastern borders is gradually increasing and is expected to escalate further. Let Pakistan Army do its job. It must not be detracted from its primary role. At this moment of time an iron hand is needed to tackle these actors. It is time to inform the whole nation about the misdeeds of these leeches. Make the evidence public. Let the volume 10 be opened and made public. Let the JIT report on Uzair Baluch come out. Let the Supreme Court assert pressure on the high courts to speed up the cases against these scoundrels on war footing. Let the law be enforced in its letter and spirit.

This three act play must be scuttled lest it becomes a pain in the neck.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at

Col Khawar MunirOctober 4, 2019


Written by : Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

The political pot is already simmering in Pakistan. Bilawal Zardari,. Mariam Safder, Fazalur Rehman, etcetera, etcetera,….. and their so-called pseudo intellectual supporters and semi leaders are spouting venom against only one person, Imran Khan. They are joining hands to belittle the man who has been in the lime light right from his hay days till today. They are trying to bring down a person who has once again brought out the brighter side of Pakistan in particular and the greatness of Islam in front of the world. They are only interested in redeeming their loot and plunder.

Bilawal, whose trainers are trying their utmost to make him Bhotto, is nothing more than a mockery of his maternal grandfather and mother. Yes, he is a reflection of his paternal grandfather and ignominious father. Amazing that despite in power, his father did not initiate an investigation to unearth the murderers of his mother. It is exactly a case where his mother did not initiate any investigation to find out the killers of her brother when she herself was the Prime Minister. Now this prodigy is trying to pose bigger than the picture. Pity that he has the support of many well read people, who think that this impersonator can be a savior of PPP. It is nothing but hoping against the hope. Likes of Aitazaz Ahsan and Raza Rabbani must come forward and use their intellect for the future of Pakistan rather than a party being lead by an immature nincompoop and a known Mr 10 percent, now with NAB for plunder and loot along with his sister and other cronies.

The case of PMLN is not much different. Mariam Safdar tried to become a leader but landed in the jail for lieing and cheating. She joined her father, who is in the jail for similar reasons . Her two brothers are absconders along with her cousins. Her uncle is out on a bail. Almost all the hierarchy of PMLN is in jail or under investigation. Ironically, the cases against them were filed by PPP government. Similarly the cases against Zardari and Co were launched by PMLN. Future of PMLN looks bleak due to serious lack of leadership.

Fazalur Rehman is another character of low moral values. He is playing a mantra of blasphemy and rallying the students of madrasas against Imran Khan. Can someone ask him and his top aides the meaning of ‘Munafaq’? His party claims to be the party of “Ulema”. If that is the case then are they not going against the basic tenets of Islam by leveling charges of non muslim on a person who openly believes in the Prophet, Sallal laho alaihai wa aalaiyhi wassallam? May someone dare ask them the source of funding and their outrageous living styles? At this point in time when unity is call of the day, Fazalur Rehman is trying to sow the seeds of despondency. Isn’t he following the agenda of his forefathers and their school of thought? Isn’t he acting as a devil’s advocate? Let the readers interpret the “Devil”. What stops him from supporting the Kashmiries and raising his voice against the Indian atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries? Can he name an occasion when he stood for the cause of Kashmiri people? He is nothing but a self centered despot. His forefathers never accepted Pakistan. Their place of origin still holds grudge where they openly demonstrate and raise slogans against Pakistan. Fazalur Rehman and his followers are of the same belief. It is, therefore, not difficult to find out the reason of their hullabaloo.(current affairs)

Imran Khan and his government is weak. Let the spade be called a spade. The inclusion of different parties in the government has lead to this situation. Coalition partners have their vested interests. Every one wants the piece of cake. Parliament has failed to produce results. Onus is on both the opposition and government. It seems that opposition is hell bent to stall every sane effort of the government, may it be of national interest. They, however, are omnipresent to support any hike in their perks and privileges. This shows the mediocrity of the majority of the parliamentarians. Thus, raising the question of its being. In the name of democracy, these elected members are more of a retarding factor than of progress. All the developed countries have defined the democracy in their most suited interests. It is only in the under developed countries where democracy has become hostage to a very few.

In Pakistan, it’s time to break the shackles of the sham democracy. Let there be one head of the state with a team of experts. ZAB was the first civilian dictator. He had the brains, but alas, he became prisoner of his own ego. Had he followed the principles of governance, people would have marveled him. It was not to happen then. It is now the time to happen. Some very serious thought is to be paid to this idea. Time is really running out fast. Let a referendum be called on this idea. The sooner we get rid of these leeches the better it will be.

Shhhhhhhh. Ladies and gentlemen some whispers can be heard across the walls.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management.

He can be reached at

Col Khawar MunirSeptember 28, 2019


Advocates of doom are out again. They are joining hands to belittle the untiring efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan in New York for the past five days. The shallow mind pygmies are trying to pose Godzilla.

Opposition has unanimously moved the ‘Tahreek e Iltwa’ (motion of deferment) in the Assembly to discuss the statement of Prime Minister during his address and Q&A with Council of Foreign Relations in which he said that AL Qaida was trained by ISI. A sure slip of tongue, though not expected from the high office that he holds. It is not a matter of any Importance. In the past one year the Parliament has been nothing more than a platform of useless gathering of vagabonds. Every time it convened, the opposition created  a commotion to stall all efforts of sanity. It costs millions of rupees to the government exchequer to conveven the session but goes waste due to these lowly so-called politicians.

Now, after The Prime Minister’s superlative speech in UNGA, the opposition is thrown on the back foot. If sanity prevails, they should strengthen the hands of the Prime Minister against the Indian atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries. Though it seems most unlikely because of the myopic opposition leaders in Pakistan.

There is another character, who remained in charge of the Kashmir Committe for umpteen years and enjoyed the perks and privileges but never said a word about Kashmir. His father, Mufti Mahmood said in the parliament, “shuker hai hum Pakistan k bananaiy k gunah mai shamil nahi thaiy”. He is the legacy of those who called Quaid e Azam as “Kafir e Azam”. Still shamelessly claims to be Pakistani. He is out wheeling deeling with corrupt infested party leadership of Peoples Party, Muslim League (N), etc and threatening to lock down Islamabad. Fazal ur Rehman(I am intentionally omitting Maulana because it is a disgrace to the word in itself to use it as a prefix with his name) is striving to destabilize the nation. It is a word of caution to all those supporting him, don’t dig your grave. Evil supported brings out evil.

Now it is all the more important for the government to measure up the response. Coming months are very vital. Dark clouds are gathered on our eastern border. Modi and his RSS backed ideology can harp on any venture which may escalate to a catastrophic scale. In this time of jeopardy, it is extremely necessary that all the sane elements of all the political parties must rally around the good work done by our Prime Minister in his visit to USA and address in UNGA rather than a party to the pack of howling jackals.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management.

Written by : Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

He can be reached at

Col Khawar MunirSeptember 24, 2019


India barged in Kashmir. Despite a lot of apperant pressure, Modi Government has not budged. Now another drama is being staged through Indian Supreme Court. By passing a judgment of ordering Indian government to restore the situation in Kashmir, they are trying to undo the Modi’s folly by bringing back Article 370 and 35 A so that the status of Cease Fire Line be again brought to call Line of Control. It is not a judgment to be rejoiced but it throws caution to Pakistan to buckle up for the more treacherous move of RSS Modi Government.

Stalliing of US Afghan talks has serious ramifications. US-Israel-India nexus has probably won. Deep state of Israel and US never wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan. They ultimately succeed. But, in the long run it is going to get real difficult for them to extricate. Afghan Taliban are no easy prey. Their tenacity is time tested. It is here that Pakistan has to tread cautiously. Pakistan needs to play the cards with a master hand. Pressure will be put on the Pakistan government to provide the needed support to US and the allies as before. But, this time it does not seem to be an easy pass over for US. Though all sort of gimmicks are going to be staged. The immediate one is of the IMF team already in Islamabad with a list of do more. Other is the FATF platform. But seems most likely that due to the open support of China, Pakistan will get the respite.

Drone strike on the Saudi oil facility is another serious issue. The oil facility is guarded by a multi layer security system from any venture from ground or air. The attack has typical CIA-MOSAD signature. Complete defense system is provided by USA. State of art missiles, radars, sensors and aircraft are deployed to thwart any attack on the facility. With all the sophistication in place, the successful attack speak volumes against the end users, the Saudis. That means the complete system was jammed and paralyzed before the drones came and bombarded the sites. Immediately after the attack, so called Houthies accepted the responsibility. Americans in a wink put the blame on Iran. It is the same old drama to incite Saudi Arabia to attack Iran, as Iraq was encouraged to attack Iran. If it happens, the beneficiary will only be USA and Israel. As a matter of fact Israel only. Here again Pakistan becomes the key player. Government after government has been ensuring Saudis that Pakistan will stand with them in times of danger to their sovereignty. China gets in the play too. They have very recently concluded the agreement to make an over four hundred billion dollars investment in Iran. China will try its best to stall any untoward overture towards Iran. Iran has given out the warning too. They have said that if Saudi Arabia or any other country attacked Iran, they will fire the missiles onto the American facilities in Gulf. The fiasco thus created will have dire consequences.

Pakistan has its pivotal role in this super fluid situation. Any misadventure in the region, will directly affect Pakistan, being the only Muslim nuclear state. It is now the testing times of our diplomacy and leadership. It is imperative for all the political parties and their leadership to support the government on these issues of national importance. Nationalism is the call of the day.

All these events are happening or have happened before the upcoming General Assembly session. Imran Khan is going to Saudi Arabia before leaving for New York. He will have to show his acumen to handle this precarious and volatile situation. He must read the Indian mind along with US deep state intentions and then draft his speech on 27 September 2019 accordingly if he wants to create an impact on the world forum. No slackness is acceptable. All Pakistanis in particular and world in general is looking forward to listen to a leader, who is known among its commity as incorruptible. May Allah grant him strength to speak and stand for Pakistan. May Allah keep Pakistan safe and prosperous. Aameen.

Pakistan Zindabad.

The author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at

MirAjmalSeptember 20, 2019


KARACHI: Indus Motor Company (IMC), the maker of Toyota vehicles, has decided to shut down all production for the remaining days of September, bringing the total number of “non-production days” (NPDs) to 15 in the month due to continuing fall in demand.

An IMC official, who asked not be named, said the company had already observed eight NPDs in July and 11-12 NPD in August.

He said the federal excise duty (FED) of 2.5-7.5 per cent on various engine capacity cars, sky rocketing prices on account of rupee-dollar parity coupled with additional customs duty on imported parts and raw material and high interest rates had priced most of their vehicles out of the market. For September, “half of the current month is off,” the official said.

Sources said the IMC plant and countrywide dealership network has piled up unsold inventory of over 3,000 vehicles. The plant is running at 50pc capacity in September.

Meanwhile, a Toyota vendor confirmed to Dawn that IMC’s production would remain shut from Sept 20-30.

Toyota Corolla production and sales dropped to 5,308 units and 3,708 units respectively in July-August from 8,804 and 8,770 units in same period last fiscal year, representing a fall of 40 and 57pc respectively.

Toyota Hilux production and sales plunged to 793units and 716 units from 1,383 and units 1,292 units, a drop of 42pc and 44pc respectively. Further, production and sales of Toyota Fortuner came down to 232 units and 162 units from 484 units and 424 units, a drop of 52pc and 62pc respectively.

Published in Dawn, September 20th, 2019

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