newsdailyNovember 11, 2020


Karachi: (news daily): Pakistani actress Reema Khan has recently shared her pictures from Halloween theme party. She is currently living in US. Reema’s transformation pays homage to quintessential Pakistani film heroes from the 70s. Reema is carrying a male look wearing black shalwar kameez, paired with a black shawl and jacket, along with a black turban and fake moustache.

Reema Khan is a stunning, gorgeous and evergreen Pakistani film actress, producer and Director whose grace and charisma can never fade away. Even after several years of her debut in the Showbiz Industry she still considered the most fetching and irresistible actress who is giving a fierce competition to all the junior actresses in terms of beauty. Despite her non-artistic background, she managed to sustain her popularity even after 20 years.



newsdailyJune 21, 2019


Head administrator Imran Khan will address the country today (Friday).

His video message will be recorded today in which he will examine individuals exploiting the reprieve plan and claim to individuals to make good on their government obligations and add to the advancement of the country.

The PM last tended to the country at around midnight on June 11 and said that a commission would be framed to explore debasement in the previous 10 years.

In his location daily prior, he solicited individuals to make use from the reprieve conspire. On the off chance that we don’t settle regulatory obligation, our nation won’t most likely advancement, he had forewarned, adding that Pakistan should change itself on the off chance that it needs to turn into a created nation.

aliJune 1, 2019


As indicated by the Finance Ministry, the new cost of oil will be 112.68 with an expansion of 4.26 rupees per liter; the cost of High Speed Diesel will be 126.82 with an expansion of 4.50 rupees per liter.

So also, the Kerosene oil will be sold out at 98.46 with an expansion of 1.69 rupees per liter while, the new cost of Light Diesel Oil will be 88.62 with an expansion of 1.68 rupees per liter. The new costs will be relevant from first to 30th June this year.

It was accounted for that the general deals charge (GST) on petroleum and rapid diesel has been expanded to 13 percent. It included that GST lamp oil and light diesel oil has been expanded to 17 percent.

The new cost will become effective from 12am on June 1.

It is vital that the legislature had before climbed the oil costs by as much as Rs9.42 before the beginning of Ramzan.

The reconsidered rates of oil based commodities are as per the following:

Petroleum Rs112.68 per liter

Rapid diesel Rs126.82 per liter

Lamp oil Rs98.46 per liter

Light diesel oil Rs88.62 per liter

OGRA suggests climb in oil costs by Rs 8.53 in front of Eid

newsdailyMay 10, 2019


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Turkey is expecting the United States to not implement a decision to terminate the country’s preferential trade treatment under a program that allowed some exports to enter the United States duty free, the Turkish embassy in Washington said in a statement.

The US Trade Representative (USTR) in early March said Turkey was no longer eligible to participate in the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program because it “is sufficiently economically developed.”

“To reach the $75 bln target laid out by President Erdogan and President Trump for mutual trade volumes between Turkey and the US, we have conveyed, in multiple occasions, to the US side our expectations that any measures obstructive for mutual trade be dropped,” the Turkish embassy said in a statement to Reuters.

“In this context, our expectation that the decision to terminate our country’s GSP designation would not be implemented continues,” it added.

USTR did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

USTR in early March said removing Turkey from the program would not take effect for at least 60 days after notifications to Congress and the Turkish government, and it would be enacted by a presidential proclamation.

Last August, USTR said it was reviewing Turkey’s eligibility in the program after the NATO ally imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods in response to American steel and aluminium tariffs.

Turkey is one of 120 countries that participate in the GSP, the oldest and largest US trade preference program. It aims to promote economic development in beneficiary countries and territories by eliminating duties on thousands of products.

The United States imported $1.66 billion in 2017 from Turkey under the GSP program, representing 17.7 percent of total US imports from Turkey, according to USTR’s website.

The leading GSP import categories were vehicles and vehicle parts, jewellery and precious metals, and stone articles, the website said.

newsdailyMay 10, 2019


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google business on Tuesday offered a preview of voice technology that lets users make rental car bookings with just a simple ask of the company’s virtual assistant tool.

The capability, which Google demonstrated with National Car Rental’s website, builds on the company’s push over the last two years to integrate more artificial intelligence-fueled features into its virtual helper, Google Assistant.

It also works with movie ticket bookings and aims to free users from manually filling out forms on websites, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said on stage at Google I/O, an annual event held near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The event attracts about 7,000 software developers who create apps for Google Assistant or other company platforms.

Google also unveiled augmented reality technology that enables users to view renderings of some specialized visual search results, such as a model of a whale, through their smartphone cameras.

Google said it was working with companies such as New Balance, Target Corp , Samsung and Volvo to make 3D models of their products available in mobile search.

Google on Tuesday planned to reveal updates to its Android mobile operating system, its biggest platform. Also expected were a new model of its Pixel smartphone, Home smart speaker and some augmented reality features for apps such as Google Maps.

The car booking feature will be available later this year on Android phones in the United States and United Kingdom, Google said.

Alphabet shares were down 1.7 percent to $1,172.35 per share on Tuesday.

The shares have fallen from an all-time high of $1,296.98 since the company reported quarterly sales last month that were $1 billion below expectations.

With revenue growth slowing and costs largely growing, some investors are anxious to see whether Google can commercialize its newest ventures in artificial intelligence, including the assistant.

The company is trying to fend off growing regulatory efforts that threaten its business model. Lawmakers in several regions, including in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, are weighing privacy and data rules that could limit how Google tracks consumers and distributes information.

On Tuesday, Google said it would bring “incognito mode,” which stops the company’s tracking of users, to Google Maps soon and to Google search later this year.

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