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Events are unfolding at a berserk speed in the region. Pakistan is in the center of arena.


India barged in Kashmir. Despite a lot of apperant pressure, Modi Government has not budged. Now another drama is being staged through Indian Supreme Court. By passing a judgment of ordering Indian government to restore the situation in Kashmir, they are trying to undo the Modi’s folly by bringing back Article 370 and 35 A so that the status of Cease Fire Line be again brought to call Line of Control. It is not a judgment to be rejoiced but it throws caution to Pakistan to buckle up for the more treacherous move of RSS Modi Government.

Stalliing of US Afghan talks has serious ramifications. US-Israel-India nexus has probably won. Deep state of Israel and US never wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan. They ultimately succeed. But, in the long run it is going to get real difficult for them to extricate. Afghan Taliban are no easy prey. Their tenacity is time tested. It is here that Pakistan has to tread cautiously. Pakistan needs to play the cards with a master hand. Pressure will be put on the Pakistan government to provide the needed support to US and the allies as before. But, this time it does not seem to be an easy pass over for US. Though all sort of gimmicks are going to be staged. The immediate one is of the IMF team already in Islamabad with a list of do more. Other is the FATF platform. But seems most likely that due to the open support of China, Pakistan will get the respite.

Drone strike on the Saudi oil facility is another serious issue. The oil facility is guarded by a multi layer security system from any venture from ground or air. The attack has typical CIA-MOSAD signature. Complete defense system is provided by USA. State of art missiles, radars, sensors and aircraft are deployed to thwart any attack on the facility. With all the sophistication in place, the successful attack speak volumes against the end users, the Saudis. That means the complete system was jammed and paralyzed before the drones came and bombarded the sites. Immediately after the attack, so called Houthies accepted the responsibility. Americans in a wink put the blame on Iran. It is the same old drama to incite Saudi Arabia to attack Iran, as Iraq was encouraged to attack Iran. If it happens, the beneficiary will only be USA and Israel. As a matter of fact Israel only. Here again Pakistan becomes the key player. Government after government has been ensuring Saudis that Pakistan will stand with them in times of danger to their sovereignty. China gets in the play too. They have very recently concluded the agreement to make an over four hundred billion dollars investment in Iran. China will try its best to stall any untoward overture towards Iran. Iran has given out the warning too. They have said that if Saudi Arabia or any other country attacked Iran, they will fire the missiles onto the American facilities in Gulf. The fiasco thus created will have dire consequences.

Pakistan has its pivotal role in this super fluid situation. Any misadventure in the region, will directly affect Pakistan, being the only Muslim nuclear state. It is now the testing times of our diplomacy and leadership. It is imperative for all the political parties and their leadership to support the government on these issues of national importance. Nationalism is the call of the day.

All these events are happening or have happened before the upcoming General Assembly session. Imran Khan is going to Saudi Arabia before leaving for New York. He will have to show his acumen to handle this precarious and volatile situation. He must read the Indian mind along with US deep state intentions and then draft his speech on 27 September 2019 accordingly if he wants to create an impact on the world forum. No slackness is acceptable. All Pakistanis in particular and world in general is looking forward to listen to a leader, who is known among its commity as incorruptible. May Allah grant him strength to speak and stand for Pakistan. May Allah keep Pakistan safe and prosperous. Aameen.

Pakistan Zindabad.

The author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at

Col Khawar Munir

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