As indicated by the Finance Ministry, the new cost of oil will be 112.68 with an expansion of 4.26 rupees per liter; the cost of High Speed Diesel will be 126.82 with an expansion of 4.50 rupees per liter.

So also, the Kerosene oil will be sold out at 98.46 with an expansion of 1.69 rupees per liter while, the new cost of Light Diesel Oil will be 88.62 with an expansion of 1.68 rupees per liter. The new costs will be relevant from first to 30th June this year.

It was accounted for that the general deals charge (GST) on petroleum and rapid diesel has been expanded to 13 percent. It included that GST lamp oil and light diesel oil has been expanded to 17 percent.

The new cost will become effective from 12am on June 1.

It is vital that the legislature had before climbed the oil costs by as much as Rs9.42 before the beginning of Ramzan.

The reconsidered rates of oil based commodities are as per the following:

Petroleum Rs112.68 per liter

Rapid diesel Rs126.82 per liter

Lamp oil Rs98.46 per liter

Light diesel oil Rs88.62 per liter

OGRA suggests climb in oil costs by Rs 8.53 in front of Eid

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