Hollywood Movie Joker wins best film at Venice Film Festival


Joker, featuring Joaquin Phoenix, has been granted the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

The film had gotten an eight-minute overwhelming applause at its debut in the Italian city last Saturday.

The motion picture, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and is scheduled to hit theaters on October 4, investigates the birthplaces of the Joker, Batman’s most despised foe.

On April 3, Warner Bros Pictures discharged the main trailer for Joker. The movie is coordinated by Todd Phillips.

The film will bring the crowd into Joker’s past. The main trailer indicates Arthur Fleck a battling and discouraged stand-up entertainer and novice comedian living in Gotham City. The film demonstrates how the character slips towards madness and how he battles against a barbarous society.

Phoenix gives Gotham’s smiling reprobate another face. The character was recently played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.


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