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Jackals are Howling


Advocates of doom are out again. They are joining hands to belittle the untiring efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan in New York for the past five days. The shallow mind pygmies are trying to pose Godzilla.

Opposition has unanimously moved the ‘Tahreek e Iltwa’ (motion of deferment) in the Assembly to discuss the statement of Prime Minister during his address and Q&A with Council of Foreign Relations in which he said that AL Qaida was trained by ISI. A sure slip of tongue, though not expected from the high office that he holds. It is not a matter of any Importance. In the past one year the Parliament has been nothing more than a platform of useless gathering of vagabonds. Every time it convened, the opposition created  a commotion to stall all efforts of sanity. It costs millions of rupees to the government exchequer to conveven the session but goes waste due to these lowly so-called politicians.

Now, after The Prime Minister’s superlative speech in UNGA, the opposition is thrown on the back foot. If sanity prevails, they should strengthen the hands of the Prime Minister against the Indian atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries. Though it seems most unlikely because of the myopic opposition leaders in Pakistan.

There is another character, who remained in charge of the Kashmir Committe for umpteen years and enjoyed the perks and privileges but never said a word about Kashmir. His father, Mufti Mahmood said in the parliament, “shuker hai hum Pakistan k bananaiy k gunah mai shamil nahi thaiy”. He is the legacy of those who called Quaid e Azam as “Kafir e Azam”. Still shamelessly claims to be Pakistani. He is out wheeling deeling with corrupt infested party leadership of Peoples Party, Muslim League (N), etc and threatening to lock down Islamabad. Fazal ur Rehman(I am intentionally omitting Maulana because it is a disgrace to the word in itself to use it as a prefix with his name) is striving to destabilize the nation. It is a word of caution to all those supporting him, don’t dig your grave. Evil supported brings out evil.

Now it is all the more important for the government to measure up the response. Coming months are very vital. Dark clouds are gathered on our eastern border. Modi and his RSS backed ideology can harp on any venture which may escalate to a catastrophic scale. In this time of jeopardy, it is extremely necessary that all the sane elements of all the political parties must rally around the good work done by our Prime Minister in his visit to USA and address in UNGA rather than a party to the pack of howling jackals.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management.

Written by : Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

He can be reached at

Col Khawar Munir

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  • Mariam Shareem

    October 4, 2019 at 4:38 am

    Very well written sir.


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