PM announces big jalsa in Muzaffarabad to show solidarity with Kashmiris


Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Wednesday that he will hold a jalsa in Muzaffarabad over the “continious curfew situation” of Kashmir.

The jalsa will be held on September 13, Friday.

We want to “show the Kashmiris that Pakistan stands resolutely with them,” he said on Recent Tweet.

On Monday, the PM had called upon the United Nations Human Rights Council to quickly set up a free examination commission to test human rights maltreatment in Indian-regulated Kashmir as prescribed in the two OHCHR covers the contested domain.

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Khan respected the developing concern and requests of the universal network, worldwide pioneers and UN authorities for India to lift its six-week-long attack of the Himalayan region. “The worldwide network must not stay apathetic regarding the huge human rights maltreatment by occupation Indian powers under [the] front of a merciless attack,” he said. “An opportunity to act is presently.”

On August 5, Modi’s administration denied the independence of the Muslim-greater part domain where a huge number of individuals have been murdered in an uprising against Indian principle since 1989, the vast majority of them regular folks.

New Delhi sent fortifications to the assessed a large portion of a million troops previously positioned in Kashmir, cut telephone lines and the web, put serious limitations on development and captured thousands, as per different sources.

The turning of the previous Himalayan kingdom of 7,000,000 individuals into a fortification of blockades and spiked metal has not avoided dissents and conflicts with security powers occurring, be that as it may.

Kashmir, split among India and Pakistan since 1947, has been the flash for two noteworthy wars and incalculable conflicts between the two atomic outfitted most outstanding opponents. The contested domain has seen a decades-old furnished defiance to Indian principle with several thousands, generally regular people, slaughtered.


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