PM requests that Pakistanis join mass solidarity rally for Kashmir


Imran Khan needs Pakistanis to turn out in the city to indicate solidarity with the individuals of Kashmir.

In a progression of tweets on Thursday, the head requested that individuals turn out on Friday somewhere in the range of 12pm and 12:30pm to make an impression on the individuals of Kashmir that Pakistan remains by them and against “Indian fundamentalist mistreatment”.

He additionally said the individuals of Pakistan remain against the unfeeling 24-day time limitation, the day by day harming and killing of Kashmiri regular folks, including ladies and youngsters, all pieces of the ethnic purging plan of the Modi government and its illicit extension of Kashmir.

“The arrangement to change the demography of Indian Occupied Kashmir is an atrocity under fourth Geneva Convention,” PM Khan reminded individuals.

“We should send a solid message to Kashmiris that our country stands unflinchingly behind them,” he said. “So I am approaching all Pakistanis for 30 minutes tomorrow stop whatever you are doing and turned out headed for show solidarity with the Kashmiri individuals,” he encouraged.

During this thirty minutes time frame, prepares and traffic will be suspended. In Quetta, the flame detachment’s vehicles will sound their alarms for five minutes.

Revives are arranged after Friday petitions. The leader will address a rally outside Parliament.


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