Sajal Aly censures media channel’s abuse of viral child Ahmed Shah


You’d must live under a stone to not think about the adorable Pathan kid Ahmed Shah who has turned into a web sensation medium-term with his charming jokes.

Ahmed rose to conspicuousness with his lovable ‘Peeche Tou Dekho’ video that stole the hearts of a million people who have been swooning over the 4-year-old’s adorableness from that point onward.

To such an extent that Ahmed currently shows up pretty much consistently on shows disclosed on a private TV channel.

This has raised an eyebrow of stress and made famous big names meet up to voice worries over the guiltless child’s incessant nearness amid live transmissions.

Everything began when popular YouTuber Arslan Naseer made a video in such manner where he point by point his considerations on the issue.

Titled ‘Spare the Pathan kid’, Arslan’s video illuminates how TV channels are relying upon the youngster’s honesty for appraisals and getting the money for on his notoriety to summon TRPs.

He additionally proceeds to state that the TV channel has marketed the youthful kid and that too without his consent.


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