Sania Mirza trolled after shisha bar video, Veena Malik tolls in


After the annihilation of Pakistani group from opponent Indian on Sunday, Veena Malik scrutinized Sania Mirza for taking her newborn child to a Sheesha bistro in front of pivotal Pakistan-India conflict in the World Cup 2019.

“Sania, I am very stressed for the child. You all took him to a sheesha spot would it say it isn’t Hazardious? Likewise to the extent I realize Archie’s is about shoddy nourishment which isn’t useful for competitors/Boys. You should know well as you are mother and competitor yourself?” Malik tweeted.

Brutally responded to the remark of Lollywood on-screen character, Sania Mirza seemed worried to the remarks she got via web-based networking media in response to a viral video.

Mirza took her twitter and stated, “Veena, I have not taken my child to a Sheesha place. Not that it’s any of your or the remainder of the world’s business cause I think I care session my child significantly more than any other individual does. I am not Pakistan cricket group’s dietitian nor am I their mom or vital or educator.”

Veena Malik suddenly answered to the remark of Indian tennis star in her arrangement of tweet.

Afterward, Mirza chilled off in her tweet and finished the exchange, expressing gratitude toward Veena Malik. “Much obliged to you for your worry however. Means a great deal,” she said.

Mirza appeared to be invigorated in a later tweet. “Twitter makes me laugh uncontrollably. Furthermore, a few people without a doubt,” she stated, prompting that individuals should utilize different mediums to take their dissatisfactions out.


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