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Sanity vs Insanity


Written by: Col Khawar Munir Haroon Sitara e Imtiaz (Military)

They say,” if someone slaps you on the cheek , offer your other cheek too”. Is it sanity? Another scenario. If someone slaps you, box his teeth out. Is it  insanity?

Ideology of Golkar was based on exactly the same lines as of Nazi Hitler and Fascist Benito Mussolini . Rashtria Savak Sangh (RSS) was formed on the ideology of extreme right wing Hindu extremism. Narendra Modi is the present day Hitler  supported by his extremist partners like Ajit Doval, Parbharker, Amit, etc. Present Indian government hierarchy is nothing but exact replica of Nazi Hitler and Fascist Mussolini. If this gang of scoundrels is not stopped and put back in shoes, then the world should brace for a mush bigger cataclysm, tribulation, woe, blight and affliction on the earth than the First and Second World Wars combined catastrophe.

Shah Mahmood says that ,”we will go to International Court of Justice”. He intends to bring India to the court to marshal the high-handedness committed against Pakistan by inundating areas around rivers Satluj, Bias, Chanab, etc. Strange! He wants to approach the gang of eunuchs controlled by their masters like the puppets . Why to spend millions of dollars on a case which can only be heard if Indians agree,  which they will not, for sure.

Instead, an all out effort be made to bring it to the notice of the world by investing in their media . Even our own media is not projecting the case as fervently as required. Immediate coordinated response to be generated with full force by all quarters. It should not be left alone on ISPR. The onus of responsibility lies with the Government. But, it does not obviate the social media and general intelligentsia to come forward and support the cause with full force and fervour.

Pakistan must immediately go to Geneva and to Who is Who to highlight the atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries in particular and to Muslims of India and other ethnicities by Indian Army and the RSS vagabonds. World by now should have been flooded with the pictures of palate gun victims, torture of innocent civilians , women being maimed, abductions, etc. Diplomatic offensive must be visible.

If a dog bites, you don’t bite the dog. You kill him.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University and member of visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He can be reached on Article of 22 August 2019

Col Khawar Munir

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