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Some times whispers can be heard louder than the loudest of the shouts.


Written by : Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

The political pot is already simmering in Pakistan. Bilawal Zardari,. Mariam Safder, Fazalur Rehman, etcetera, etcetera,….. and their so-called pseudo intellectual supporters and semi leaders are spouting venom against only one person, Imran Khan. They are joining hands to belittle the man who has been in the lime light right from his hay days till today. They are trying to bring down a person who has once again brought out the brighter side of Pakistan in particular and the greatness of Islam in front of the world. They are only interested in redeeming their loot and plunder.

Bilawal, whose trainers are trying their utmost to make him Bhotto, is nothing more than a mockery of his maternal grandfather and mother. Yes, he is a reflection of his paternal grandfather and ignominious father. Amazing that despite in power, his father did not initiate an investigation to unearth the murderers of his mother. It is exactly a case where his mother did not initiate any investigation to find out the killers of her brother when she herself was the Prime Minister. Now this prodigy is trying to pose bigger than the picture. Pity that he has the support of many well read people, who think that this impersonator can be a savior of PPP. It is nothing but hoping against the hope. Likes of Aitazaz Ahsan and Raza Rabbani must come forward and use their intellect for the future of Pakistan rather than a party being lead by an immature nincompoop and a known Mr 10 percent, now with NAB for plunder and loot along with his sister and other cronies.

The case of PMLN is not much different. Mariam Safdar tried to become a leader but landed in the jail for lieing and cheating. She joined her father, who is in the jail for similar reasons . Her two brothers are absconders along with her cousins. Her uncle is out on a bail. Almost all the hierarchy of PMLN is in jail or under investigation. Ironically, the cases against them were filed by PPP government. Similarly the cases against Zardari and Co were launched by PMLN. Future of PMLN looks bleak due to serious lack of leadership.

Fazalur Rehman is another character of low moral values. He is playing a mantra of blasphemy and rallying the students of madrasas against Imran Khan. Can someone ask him and his top aides the meaning of ‘Munafaq’? His party claims to be the party of “Ulema”. If that is the case then are they not going against the basic tenets of Islam by leveling charges of non muslim on a person who openly believes in the Prophet, Sallal laho alaihai wa aalaiyhi wassallam? May someone dare ask them the source of funding and their outrageous living styles? At this point in time when unity is call of the day, Fazalur Rehman is trying to sow the seeds of despondency. Isn’t he following the agenda of his forefathers and their school of thought? Isn’t he acting as a devil’s advocate? Let the readers interpret the “Devil”. What stops him from supporting the Kashmiries and raising his voice against the Indian atrocities being metted out to Kashmiries? Can he name an occasion when he stood for the cause of Kashmiri people? He is nothing but a self centered despot. His forefathers never accepted Pakistan. Their place of origin still holds grudge where they openly demonstrate and raise slogans against Pakistan. Fazalur Rehman and his followers are of the same belief. It is, therefore, not difficult to find out the reason of their hullabaloo.(current affairs)

Imran Khan and his government is weak. Let the spade be called a spade. The inclusion of different parties in the government has lead to this situation. Coalition partners have their vested interests. Every one wants the piece of cake. Parliament has failed to produce results. Onus is on both the opposition and government. It seems that opposition is hell bent to stall every sane effort of the government, may it be of national interest. They, however, are omnipresent to support any hike in their perks and privileges. This shows the mediocrity of the majority of the parliamentarians. Thus, raising the question of its being. In the name of democracy, these elected members are more of a retarding factor than of progress. All the developed countries have defined the democracy in their most suited interests. It is only in the under developed countries where democracy has become hostage to a very few.

In Pakistan, it’s time to break the shackles of the sham democracy. Let there be one head of the state with a team of experts. ZAB was the first civilian dictator. He had the brains, but alas, he became prisoner of his own ego. Had he followed the principles of governance, people would have marveled him. It was not to happen then. It is now the time to happen. Some very serious thought is to be paid to this idea. Time is really running out fast. Let a referendum be called on this idea. The sooner we get rid of these leeches the better it will be.

Shhhhhhhh. Ladies and gentlemen some whispers can be heard across the walls.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management.

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Col Khawar Munir

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  • Farooq Rana

    October 4, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Within the prevailing political system neither can he have good governence nor can solve even petit problems as he has a superiority of 6 member only &that to after getting turn coats & coalition support .With these numbers no one can show a performance even equal to his what to talk of better one…some how if presidential system is evolved then may be….


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