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The Mouse Trap


Written by :Col Khawar Munir Haroon, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)

It is said that when Artillery guns open up, then it is war.

It has been repeatedly pointed out in the previous articles that India would escalate the violations on Line of Control keeping pace with the internal political situation in Pakistan. This is exactly unfolding in that direction.

Day before yesterday Indians opened up with their heavy guns in Titwal Sector. Their fire was mostly in Shahkot, Jura and Nousehri sub sectors. In these sub sectors the Indians are sitting mostly on the heights of Taya, Jaadah, Ismail di Dori, etc. Our troops are more vulnerable to the hostile fire. Despite this disadvantage, the gallant boys have always defended their posts with courage. They did it in 1948,1965 and 1971. There are graveyards of the Shaheeds along certain posts, which are a source of inspiration for our soldiers. This is no hearsay. I have the privilege to be an Artillery observer in the same sector during 1971 war. Indians could not capture an inch in this sector despite having much more fire power. In a futile effort and true to their nature of treachery the Indians tried to capture a post in April 1972. They bolted back leaving quite a few dead. Three of our soldiers, a junior commissioned officer and two jawans embraced shahadat. When their bodies were recovered after about a week and brought to Jura, blood was still dripping from their wounds and the bodies were intact and untouched . Whereas the bodies of the Indian soldiers were rotten and tore apart by the bears, leopards and other wild animals . The jungle had these wild animals in abundance in that area.

Let it be clear to the Indian Army, that they are going to meet the same fate. Pakistan Army has again proved their brilliance and they will keep doing so. Some of the misinformed people get carried away with Indian propaganda. Some of our so-called historians and tainted characters have always danced on the Indian tunes. Some of them felt proud to receive the awards presented to them for spitting venom against Pakistan and belittling their armed forces. Some of them comment on the military operation as if they are an authority, but they have no or very scanty knowledge of it. This is so unfortunate to have such characters. But! There always were Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs. Their legacy still exists and will always be their. A point to note is that all such despots had a terrible end. It must be understood that, “Yazeed tha, Hussain hai”. It will remain so till the dooms day.

Pakistan is going through  very turbulent times. This is the time to stand with the forces. This is the time to beat the evil out. It is crystal clear that who all are the well wishers of the nation and who are the people vying to destabilize and destroy the nation. They are joining hands to lay a trap for the general public. They are trying to weaken the foundation of the nation in order to fulfill their nefarious desires. They are being funded and supported by all those who had brought Pakistan almost to the brink of disaster.

It is of utmost importance to understand the dynamics of the enemy designs. It is 80 days since the Indian Army has clamped the freedom of Kashmiri people. The situation in Kashmir is deplorable. Food, medicine, telephone, education, etc is not there. Fruit trees are being cut down. Young boys are being killed. Women are being raped. Innocent people are being maimed. Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue in UNGA with force and dignity. Kashmir issue was all over on the local and foreign media. Suddenly the forces to be launched their stooge. The aftermath of this offensive is that the Kashmir issue has gone on back burner. There is a hew and cry about the political pigmies. Media is playing the morone tune of destruction and chaos. It is spreading despondency. Attention from the core issues have been diverted. It is dangerous to persist with this sort of situation. Enemy within and out side the borders is building the pressure gradually. It must be controlled with a swift and timely action. Enemy wants the Pakistan Army to get involved in the internal termoil. Such a situation must not happen at all cost. Let the Armed Forces tackle the known enemy across the borders with finace, which they have proved time and again. Let’s not get into the Mouse Trap. Let these mice be trapped and thrown in a dungeon where they actually belong to.

Author is ex Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore Cantt, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University, and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at

Col Khawar Munir

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