Trump confirms Hamza bin Laden killed in US operation


Us president donald trump showed on saturday the us has killed hamza bin weighted down, a son of former alqaeda chief osama bin laden. His dying was reported in july, however not confirmed by means of america authorities. He changed into formally designated by the usa as a international terrorist years in the past. On saturday, the white house issued a assertion announcing that he changed into killed “in a us counter terrorism operation inside the afghanistan/ pakistan place”. The statement did no longer specify while the usa operation happened.

“the lack of hamza bin weighted down now not handiest deprives al-qaeda of crucial leadership capabilities and the symbolic connection to his father, but undermines essential operational sports of the group,” the assertion examine.

Reuters mentioned that an unnamed us respectable said hamza changed into killed “months ago” and trump was briefed at the time. Hamza became dubbed the ‘crown prince of jihad’ with a $1m reward offered for his seize. The state branch defined hamza as “an emerging al qaeda leader” who “has threatened attacks towards the united states and allies.” his ultimate acknowledged public assertion turned into released by means of the terror institution in 2018, threatening saudi arabia and calling for the human beings of the arabian peninsula to riot.


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