We won’t let our martyrs’ sacrifices said COAS


Pakistan saw on Friday the 54th Defense and Martyrs Day the nation over.

The day is set apart to pay tribute to the country’s martyrs and remember the date of the 1965 war. The day started with a 31-firearm salute in Islamabad and 21-weapon salutes in the common capitals.

Change of guard ceremonies were held at Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum in Karachi, Allama Iqbal’s Mausoleum in Lahore and GHQ in Rawalpindi.

Air Vice Marshal Hamid Rashid was the visitor of respect at the service in Karachi.

In Rawalpindi the difference in watchman was seen by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa. He additionally visited the saints’ landmark and laid a wreath of blossoms at it.

Head administrator Imran Khan will address a function in Muzaffarabad. Government workplaces the nation over will close at 3pm today.

During a public interview on Wednesday, the ISPR boss solicited individuals to visit the homes from saints on Defense Day to demonstrate their families that the country is with them.

General Bajwa tended to an occasion at GHQ in Rawalpindi where he said when he is asked how the Pakistan Army figures out how to do things that no other armed force can do, he has one straightforward answer. “For whatever length of time that we have guardians like you, who bring forth such courageous children, nobody can contact us and this is our actual quality,” he said. Pakistan’s adventure has been overflowing with penances by our saints, from 1947 till today and we salute them, he said. He likewise saluted the guardians, spouses, kin and offspring of these saints and said their penances are recollected. “Our saints’ penances have not gone futile, nor will they,” he promised.

It has been a long battle against fear based oppression yet our officials and jawans have remained firm, said General Bajwa. They yielded their fates for our today and as a result of them, there is harmony in Pakistan, he stated, just as the entire world.

Pakistan has done its part, presently it is up to the remainder of the world to annihilate psychological warfare, he said. We should guarantee that our future ages have a tranquil future, he stated, including that a quiet Pakistan is our objective.

We have battled psychological warfare and now we should battle destitution, lack of education and monetary issues with the goal that our saints penances aren’t squandered, encouraged General Bajwa.

Talking about Kashmir, he said the individuals of Pakistan sympathize with their agony and remain with the individuals of Kashmir. They are the casualties of a Hindutva attitude and are giving up their lives, he said. This our test, he said. Tending to Kashmiris, he said Pakistan will never relinquish them. Our hearts our together and you resemble our jugular vein, he said.

We are a serene nation and we need harmony in Kashmir, said the military head, adding that Pakistan is prepared to make penances for that harmony. “Till the last projectile, last warrior and final gasp,” he said. “We will go to any lengths for Kashmir.”

The billows of war are above us however we see the way of harmony too, he stated, including that Pakistan has constantly gone after for a quiet goals to issues. We will keep on doing as such, he included. Pakistan has consistently pushed for an Afghan-drove and Afghan-claimed harmony process, he said.

In an endnote, the military boss saluted the groups of saints and said their penances are the reason the individuals of Pakistan can inhale uninhibitedly today. There is no cost on your penance and no cost for the blood spilled however today the entire country salutes you, he said.

Your understanding and your penances have helped construct our nation and we will always remember that, said General Bajwa. He asked individuals to go to each saint’s home and wish their families well. We have never avoided making penances for our nation, he said.


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